(541) 831-6923

(541) 831-6923

All Good Dogs Pet Resort

All Good Dogs Pet Resort is a private dog park and boarding facility located in the beautiful Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. Consisting of five acres, half of it wooded, and a small, indoor kennel & playroom, it is a completely socialized, leash-free environment.

Nearly equidistant (22 miles) from Medford and Central Point, and about 18 miles south of Gold Hill, we’re safe, clean, and securely fenced.

Our small, indoor kennel is available for overnight stays. Your dog will play outdoors with other dogs (weather permitting) all day, and will only be confined to a kennel at night.

Each dog has an individual bed and eating area for breakfast and dinner. Family accomodations are available, also. The kennel is heated and air-conditioned.

Afternoon Snack

All Good Dogs can be a rough and tumble experience. That’s why pre-screening is so important. Before any dog is accepted for membership, or boarding, he or she must come out for a “Meet and Greet”.

In the interview, your dog will be introduced to one or two other dogs here at the park. During the “Meet and Greet” process, we’ll be looking for specific behaviors. Ideally, we want to see the doggie equivalent of “Hi. How are you? Want to play?” What we don’t want to see is any dominant behavior, growling, or aggressive play.

Although we try to screen for well-socialized, friendly dogs, disagreements occasionally occur. Should a dog exhibit any improper behavior, he/she will immediately be separated from the other dogs. This is non-negotiable. The safety of your dog is our foremost concern.

Dogs who have been socialized generally have a great time together. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling to know that they’re enjoying their vacation as much as you're enjoying yours?

Make sure to call for an entry interview/ temperament test early.

For the sake of other dogs in our care, we cannot accept walk-ins.



(541) 831-6923

Serving the cities of Ashland, Central Point, Eagle Point, Gold Hill, Grants Pass, Jacksonville, Medford, Phoenix, Rogue River, Shady Cove, Talent, and White City.

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